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Mental Health

According to W.H.O "normality is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being". A good mental health is simply not the absence of mental disorder but it is very closely connected with a good physical health and appropriate behavior.

What is a mental disorder or mental illness?

A mental disorder is an illness with psychological or behavioral manifestations associated with significant distress and impaired functioning caused by a biological, social, psychological, genetic, physical, or chemical disturbance. It is measured in terms of deviation from some normative concept. The other terms used to describe mental illness are psychotic, neurotic, functional mental illness,organic mental illness etc. Putting together in simple words, a mental disorder is a disturbance of

  • Cognition (thought) or
  • Conation (action), or
  • Affect (Feeling)or
  • any disequilibrium between all of the above.

Psychiatric assessment

It consists of the following major steps as mentioned below and the information is gathered from the patient as well as the nearest relative depending on whether the patient is psychotic or non psychotic.

  • Psychiatric history taking.
  • Mental status examination.
  • Physical examination.
  • Investigations - laboratory and psychological tests.
How a Psychiatric evaluation is conducted?

Routine Psychiatric Assessment

Areas to cover in an initial psychiatric assessment.

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