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Dr Vikas Gaur Dr. Mina Bobdey Dr. Edward Wilfong
 Dr. Vikas Gaur   Dr. Mina Bobdey   Dr. Edward Wilfong
     BA, Ph.D (Psychology)

Resume:Dr. Vikas Gaur

Dr.Vikas Gaur: graduated from Rajasthan University of Health Sciences, Jaipur in 2006 with a M.D (Psychiatry) degree. He received his medical education at S.M.S Medical College, Jaipur. After graduation in 2007, Dr. Vikas Gaur was appointed as an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry in NIMS medical college. In 2008, he went to pursue a Masters course in Health Informatics from City University in London, where he received specialized training in use of Information technology in Health care domain for improving the quality of health-care and enhancement of patient satisfaction. Currently he is working as Professor & Head in Psychiatry Department of Mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Science & Technology,Jaipur, India.

Resume:Dr. Mina Bobdey

Dr. Mina Bobdey commenced her medical carrier in 1986 – completed her undergraduate studies from Amraoti University, India, in 1991. Joined Psychiatry post graduation in 1993, passed Diploma in psychological medicine in 1995 from Mumbai University, India. She came to UK in 1995, completed Core training rotation at Bedfordshire Rotation, and completed MRCPsych in 1998. In 2002, she completed dual CCST in Old age and Adult psychiatry. After completing dual CCST in 2002, she went to work in New Zealand, worked in Auckland as a Consultant Psychiatrist and Lecturer at Auckland University. In 2005 she returned to India, and started Geriatric Psychiatry services in Pune, India. During this time she worked at Jehangir Hospital Pune, also as Industrial Psychological Health Professional at Bharat Forge and in various IT companies as a freelance trainer.Since Nov 2010, has been working in NHS. In her current job she is working as a Consultant Psychiatrist, Mental Health services for Older People, TEWV NHS Foundation trust, UK since March’2011.
Her expertise are Depression, Anxiety, Stress related issues, Marital therapy, Parenting and Old age psychiatry.

Resume:Dr. Edward J. Wilfong

Dr. Edward J. Wilfong received his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Texas Tech University at Lubbock Texas in 1982. He completed his pre-doctoral internship at Iowa State University’s Student Counseling Service. Dr. Wilfong has a career that has included clinical practice as well as hospital administration, mental health administration, and college teaching. He currently maintains a general psychology and consulting practice in Northern California, USA.